The journal

The journal "zeitgeschichte" is characterised by its high scholarly standards, its methodological diversity and its deliberate thematic openness, which is not confined to Austria but takes its cues more and more from international themes and standards.

Its contributions to the political and economic history, to social history, feminist and gender history and to the histories of ideas and culture document its catholicity in terms of content. The journal refuses to restrict itself to the first half of the twentieth century, including as it does more recent issues that have a direct bearing on the present, topical trends and controversial themes. Empirical studies of particular topics, theory-oriented, diachronic assessments and contributions to scientific controversies are welcome. Recent publications will be reviewed on a regular basis. zeitgeschichte also has a role to play as a platform for up-and-coming young historians. In addition to its target group of professional historians, zeitgeschichte aims to recruit readers from among teachers in continuing education and in schools and will be offering them thematic clusters of topical issues.