Authoritarianism Poll

Based on the study “Authoritarianism, History and Democratic Dispositions in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland”, which was conducted by the Institut für Zeitgeschichte [Department of Contemporary History] of Vienna University together with SORA, the Institute for Social Research and Consulting in Vienna, and the polls that have repeatedly been carried out in Germany by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation on the topic "Die Mitte in der Krise. Rechtsextreme Einstellungen in Deutschland" [The crisis of the Middle. Extreme right-wing attitudes in Germany], students at Austria’s universities took part in an on-line poll in March and April 2011 on the topics globalisation, authoritarianism, national historical perceptions and democratic disposition.

The great number of questionnaires filled in by the students (more than 14,000) were processed and analysed between April and June 2011; a project report which is due for publication at the end of the summer term 2011 will present first results.